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NEW SCGA Member Calendar!


The SCGA has adopted a 12 month revolving membership policy, what does this mean?


Your membership is good for 1 year from the day we add you to our roster.  


Membership Types

Standard Full Year - $100

Full Year + Hole In One* Renewal - $112

Full Year + New HIO - $118

Multiple Payment Options Available

Don't have an SCGA Index?

If you are NOT affiliated with another club, please include scorecards/scores with your application or online entry so we can provide you with a temporary index that will allow you to participate in BMGC tournaments.  


A minimum of 5 scores are required for a temporary index, please email or submit to any BMGC Board Member  

Please include Slope and Rating for the tees played at each respective course.

Hole-In-One Details

Hole-In-One will roll over for one or more years.   Do not miss out on an opportunity to cash in.  The annual entry fee is $12.00.  The pool will pay out to the first individual who gets a Hole-In-One.  The last payout took place in June of 2023, if you wish to be a new participant in 2024, you owe $18.  Minimum payout is $500.

Here’s the catch, the Hole-In-One must be achieved during a completed BMGC sanctioned tournament; no exceptions.  Should there be two or more players with a Hole In One within a particular month, the pool will be split equally between the lucky players.  Again, both events must occur in the same month and in a BMGC sanctioned tournament*. 


*BMGC board designates sanctioned tournaments and HIO availability for a given event. 

Any questions with the Hole in One pools please contact any current board member.

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