Burbank  Men's  Golf  Club  Rule Sheet

2019 UPDATE - During BMGC tournaments, we will not be using the new local rule "E-5"

Please play a provisional ball when you are uncertain if the original shot is in play and remember to limit your search time to 3 minutes.

Barrancas: Played as a lateral water hazard and water hazard when marked with red and yellow stakes. Proceed under the normal penalty procedure for either.


Bridges: A ball coming to rest on a bridge crossing a barranca is considered to be in the barranca,

please proceed with the above rule.


Cart Path: A ball coming to rest on a paved cart path or dirt/wood chip path that is used

as a path may take free relief from the point where the ball rests.


Out of Bounds: Is marked with white stakes and boundary fences.


Flower Beds: Located on Hole #7 behind the green and #15 right of the green and

marked with white tip markers. You MUST take your free drop either at the nearest point

(no closer to the hole) on #7, or in the closest designate drop zone on #15.  If no DZ is marked

on #15, please drop the ball in the rough between the greenside bunker and the cart path.

No Penalty.


Interior Protective fences: Stance and Swing Relief only, no line of site.  Determine the nearest point

of relief and drop within one club length, no nearer the hole.



Special  Notes


•    A Ball crossing the farthest point of a barranca is out of bounds.

•    The old cart storage barn between holes 17 and 18 is played as an immovable obstruction, stance and swing relief not line 

      of sight.

•    The cement walls by hole 2 and 3 green are immovable obstructions, stance and swing relief not line of sight.

•    Rocks in bunkers are deemed as loose impediments and may be removed

•    Hardpan, dirt paths and dirt service paths must be played as it lies no relief is granted.

•    A ball crossing over, under, or through the protective fence on hole 2 requires a mandatory drop of two club lengths and a 

     one-stroke penalty.

•    If your ball comes back down the cart path on the left side of 15, a player is NOT allowed to take a one-stroke penalty and

     place the ball where it crossed the path.



*If you are ever uncertain of a ruling play two balls and see the rules committee after the completion of your round for the ruling. *

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