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2024 Schedule of Events



Tournament Dates



Normally our monthly tournaments fall on the 3rd Saturday of each month (unless a major holiday falls on that weekend). These tournaments are open to all BMGC Members.  We also have 5 major tournaments each year.  The major tournaments have a minimum requirement that, as of the tournament date, you must either be a BMGC member for 6 months or have a valid SCGA handicap for 3 months.  The Tournament of Champions in January has additional qualifications (previous year tournament winners).  The major tournaments are 2-day events except for the Sullivan Match Play Tournament in the Spring/Summer.  Depending on the tournament, we will have single, twosome, and/or maximum foursome signups for each event.

Tee Times

With a few exceptions, our tee times will begin at 8:00am.  We can always accommodate a request for a late tee time.  If you request an early tee time, most of the time we can accommodate your request if you have to go somewhere later on (wedding, etc.).  However, if you request an early time just for the sake of playing early, we cannot always make that happen.  Tee times are put together on a random basis.  If you are placed towards the bottom one month, you will likely not be on the bottom in the following month (unless requested).  Tee times for each tournament will be distributed via email, listed on the club website, and hosted by the proshop on tournament days.

Slow Play Policy

The maximum allowable time for lead group (assuming no delay from the public groups in front of us) should be 4 hours 30 minutes for team events and 4 hours and 45 minutes for individual tournaments/majors.  All of the following groups should either finish 20 minutes behind the group in front of you or they should play in the time allotted for the first group. 


Here are the answers to a couple of questions you may have:


Question: How will this be enforced?

Answer: Players must record (on your scorecard) the time at the start of your round and when you finish. If you are late, your group will be assessed a penalty of two shots person or three shots per team.


Please note that in all monthly team events there is a net double bogey maximum score, so there is no need to grind over a put for a 9 (or in most cases spend the full 3 mins looking for balls). Also, if you are assessed a penalty it will not be added to your posted score (to GHIN). It is for the purposes of the competition only.


Question: we teed off in the first group and the last public group played in 5 1/2 hours, are we going to get penalized shots.

Answer: No. If you stay up to 20 minutes behind them, you’ll be fine


Question: what happens if we tee off in the second group and a bunch of low handicappers play the round in 3 hours and 45 mins. Do we have to keep up?

Answer: No, the time you are expected to play in is 4 hours 30 minutes for team events and 4 hours 45 mins for individual tournaments/majors. If you play faster, good for you and the same expectation of play is then applicable to the group following.


In deciding on a suitable policy, we considered a couple of different approaches and by comparison to the rest, the 20 minute grace period is lenient. Our idea is not to impose an unachievable standard, simply one the is reasonable, fair and which identifies the chronically slow players.

Signup Deadline, Tournament Fees, Cancellation Policy


Deadline: The Tuesday before the tournament date (5:00p). The tee times will be posted on the website by Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning, and emailed to the pro shop on Thursday.

Fees: For the monthly tournaments, the fee is $20. For the major tournaments, the fee is $25. Green fees are to be paid separately at the pro shop. Canyon Club Members receive a small bucket of balls at the driving range (code via Pro Shop).

Cancellation Policy:  Please make your intentions knows within 48 hours of the tournament (either by email or telephone (818-489-4371). We always have players who want to play at the last minute, so if we know you won't be able to play - we can get those last-minute signups on the course. Even if there is a last minute illness or emergency the morning of the tournament, please call the pro shop and let us know. If you do not show up with letting us know beforehand, we will charge you the $20 tournament fee. Should you discontinue your round anytime and for and reason after you strike your first tee shot, all tournament funds are forfeit.

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